1. Investment in property

The Fund has grown tremendously from Ksh.6.6 million in 1991 to Ksh.9.98 billion in August, 2017 (click to view investments)

2. Additional voluntary contributions.

How does AVC (Additional voluntary contributions) work

● Avc is normally invested separately from pension contribution.
● Member gets a separate statement on Avc.
● A tax advantageous product which a member can accumulate pension wealth while in active service
● The tax advantage on AVC is arrived at between the amount a members contributes and the maximum tax allowed amount of 20,000.
● If a member's basic salary is 100,000 pension contribution is 7.5% the pension contribution of that member 7,500 pm, maximum tax allowable on pension contribution is 20,000 so a member can contribute to AVC up to a max of 12,500.

3. Post-retirement medical scheme

- A scheme to provide medical services to retirees.

4. Home loans

- As per the RBA regulations.

5. Member Education and Training

- To give members capacity to prepare for retirement.

6. Dependants support

- Trustees support surviving spouses and children using the benefits of a deceased member through upkeep and education.