The Scheme is designed to serve permanent employees of the sponsor and its constituent colleges. The Scheme caters for staff in the middle; senior library & administrative; and academic levels. It also caters for employees on contract who have served for at least more than one year.



The scheme has different retirement ages for the three categories of members as shown in Table 1.

- Middle level category: Grade 5 - 10

- Senior library & Administrative Staff: Grade 11 - 16

- Academic category

Table 1: Early & Normal Retirement Ages 

 Category  Early Retirement Age Normal Retirement Age
 Middle Level Staff   50yrs  60yrs
 Senior library & Administrative Staff  55yrs  65yrs
 Academic Staff  60yrs  70yrs

In 1991 the Scheme started with 660 members and an initial fund value of Ksh 6.60 million. It has since grown to its current fund value of Kshs 9.98 billion in 2017 and a membership of 2200. The Scheme has 45 retirees and 47 dependants.

Other affiliate universities and members are from University of Eldoret, Karatina University, Maasai Mara University, Alupe and Bomet University colleges.