How do I become a member?

Any employee of the university automatically becomes a member from the above grades or categories

How much am I required to pay?

The employee contributes 7.5% of the basic salary and the employer contributes 7.5% of the the basic salary

For how long do I wait before I receive the benefits

Pension benefits are paid upon early or normal retirement

Does it include members of my family?


How long will I benefit after retirement?

You will receive the benefits which is 2/3rds of the the total accumulation until the account is exhausted. If the member passes on before the account is exhausted nominated beneficiaries will continue to benefit.

Will I be receiving statements of my contributions?

Every year the statement shall be prepared and sent to to the respective schools, departments and directorate. Also upon request the statement can be availed.

How does post retirement medical scheme work?

A member shall subscribe to the post-retirement medical scheme by registering with the scheme for deduction of a certain prescribed amount from his her basic salary which shall be remitted to the scheme until retirement. On retirement a member would be issued with the medical card which would be accepted in many if not all medical institution in the country and also outside the country. The medical card will cater for outpatient, inpatient, pharmaceuticals, medical tests and examination fees.

Will the medical scheme cover external treatment, critical illness will there be any exclusions?

The medical scheme shall cover all illness except self inflicted injuries.